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Battery Sweeper

The Clarke BSW 28 is a self-propelled battery operated sweeper that is great for both carpeted and hard surface sweeping.

Dry Sweeping Only- NO WATER!

A single side broom will reach into corners and crevices and pick up both dust and small debris. The quiet operation is optimal for noise-sensitive areas, and the active dust control with the manual filter cleaning system will ensure efficient and effective sweeping.

The gel battery provides a long operating time of about 2.5 – 3 hours on a single charge, and the foldable adjustable handle makes storage and transportation simple.

We highly recommend using this sweeper before cleaning your floors with one of our Self Contained Scrubbers as the floor needs to be swept very well


Cleaning Width (with side broom): 28.3″

Side Broom Diameter: 12.4″

Main Broom Size (diameter x length): 7.9 x 19.7 in

Main Broom Speed: 335 RPM

Side Broom Speed: 100 RPM

Total Machine Weight: 172 Ibs

Max Drive Speed: 2.3 MPH

Rental Rates  
Minimum $63.21
Day $63.21
Weekly $252.80

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