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Dog Fence Installer


Underground dog fence installer installs the cable & covers up the 1 1/2″ wide trench. Simply purchase your underground dog fence cable at your local hardware store, pop the spool onto the machine and start burying your new underground dog fence today!

This machine does not work in wet soil conditions, especially in heavy clay soil. Soil must be dry but not hard like in times of drought. We carry 2 models made by Brown Products, Inc.

Bantam Mole Model B765H 

Engine:  Honda GX200
Weight:  110 lbs
Wheels:  Steel with Pneumatic Tires
Points:  Tungsten Carbide
Drive:  Double Belt and Pulley System
Rate:  10 to 30 ft. Per Min
Depth:  3-1/2 and 7 inches*
Ship By:  Motor Freight (Pre-Assembled)

Rental Rates  
Minimum $85.08
Day $136.12
Week $544.43

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