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30″ x 6″ Walk Behind Trencher

30″ deep by 6″ wide walk behind trencher on tracks comes with a trailer at no extra charge.

Self Propelled by hydraulics

The LMH600 is designed for external and internal work.

Automatic Horizontal Leveling – servo motor driven.

Automatic Vertical Leveling – servo motor driven when laser on it’s side.

Plumbing – Automatically plumbs laser dot to the ceiling.

Squaring – when lying on it’s side allows for 90 degree setout.

String Line setout – when lying on it’s side allows string line set out on windy days.

Vertical plane – sends vertical plane out when lying on it’s side for walls etc.

Grade capability – in manual mode has grade functionality in both ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis. (up to 10%)

Scanning – beam can be scanned in small arcs to give greater intensity.

Remote Control – laser functions such as scanning can be controlled by remote.

Rental Rates  
Minimum $189.95
Day $303.91
Weekly $1,215.62

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